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Welcome to my neverland..

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About Me
I'm a 22 years old girl, who likes
a lot! the horror movies. I live in a country so~ bored, that is better not talk
about it .I don't speak or write well english, so.. be nice xD! My best friend
name is Nataria, but because I'm Sohee she is Jun Jiseong, the best friend of
What I like
I like to witre fanfic, most than everything, make me feel so~~ good. And people
said that I write well, so~ I'm on a right way. I love hear music, without that, I feel so sad. My favorite group is DBSG [Yunho *-*], I found about them the last year, and
now I'm a truly fan of them ^_^. I meet nice people because of them, so.. thanks
I love horror movies, when I was a little kid [about 10 years ago] I always watch horror movies with my brother, it was so nice!
Now he and me are fans of horror movies, but the asian ones are the best!
My favorite is Yeogo Goedam 3: Wishing Stairs Is the best! That's why my name is Kim Sohee and my best friend name is Jun Jinseong [yeah I'm(we're) insane xD]

My Hobbie

I make Fansites, and I have like 5 now.. is a hard work make one, and update it. But for what I like, I can do that and more
Here are the links

Well.. Thanks for reading <33
See you inside...

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